I’m a UX and Transition Designer based in Dublin. In 2020 I graduated with a First Class Honours from the MA in UX and Interaction Design at TU Dublin. I am determined to have a positive impact on people and planet by designing solutions to address the global problems we face, such as inequality and climate change, and to ultimately achieve a more accessible, inclusive, resilient and sustianable future. Drop me an email if you would like more information or if you are interested in creating something together. Here’s a link to my CV.


Plantation 2018

Created during ‘How To Flatten A Mountain’, a 10-day residency at the Cow House Studios with generous support from PhotoIreland.

Exhibited at Rathfarnham Castle as part of PhotoIreland Festival 2018.


Following a history of deforestation, Ireland went under a considerable afforestation programme from 1949-88. While targets were met, an industrial approach was adopted. Monoculture plantations, often dominated by the non-indigenous Sitka Spruce were the result.
This project is concerned with humanities fraught relationship with the environment. Valued economically, the environment is viewed as an infinite supply of natural resources which can be exploited for consumption, progress and economic growth.

Our idea of nature as natural, non-human and untouched must be re-considered. This work sees humans as part of nature, who have dominated and controled it, with little consideraiton for the next generation.