I’m a UX and Transition Designer based in Dublin. In 2020 I graduated with a First Class Honours from the MA in UX and Interaction Design at TU Dublin. I am determined to have a positive impact on people and planet by designing solutions to address the global problems we face, such as inequality and climate change, and to ultimately achieve a more accessible, inclusive, resilient and sustianable future. Drop me an email if you would like more information or if you are interested in creating something together. Here’s a link to my CV.


The Result:

Designed and facilitated a 6-week Transition Design programme in collaboration with 5 Lamps Arts Festival, Royal Canal Amenity Group, Fighting Words and St.Vincent’s GNS WIlliam Street North. 


Primary Education

My Role:

Transition Designer, Facilitator



Project 45’ was a 6-week Transition Design programme that I designed and facilitated for the 4th class students from St Vincent’s GNS William Street North. 

2019 marked 45 years since restoration began on The Royal Canal. Its potential as a recreational, educational and ecological amenity was recognised. In a rapidly changing environment, the programme asked students to present visions for The Royal Canal over the next 45 years. It culminated in an exhibition of prototypes and was filmed for RTÉ Nationwide & TRTÉ news2day. 

The students collaborated on four vision and built prototypes for each:

1. St Vincent’s school boat with an adjusted educational curriculum giving students more time to explore the nature along the canal.

2. Royal Canal annual birthday party & festival for everyone in the local community.

3. Entertainment boat for children in the community - for the children, ran by the children.

4. Annual St. Vincents canoe race.